Archibald Bishop

Human 2.0 Hacker, Conspiracy Theorist, a little off in the head


Agility d8, Smarts d10, Spirit d8, Strength d4, Vigor d8

Pace 6, Charisma 0, Parry 5, Toughness 5 (4), Rank Veteran (56)

Rich, Hacker (+2 Hacking), Mass Hack

Code of Honor (spy)
Secret (illegal beta level lifeform)

Driving d4
Fighting d6
Hacking d10+2
Investigation d8
Knowledge (Conspiracy) d4
Repair d8
Notice d6
Persuasion d6
Shooting d6
Streetwise d4
Stealth d8

5 Spirit d8
10 Hacking (Tracing) d6, repair(OOL Spoofing) d6
15 Removed Appointed Monitor (major hindrance)
20 Bought off minor hindrances (dependent and paranoid)
25 raised Investigation and Persuasion
30 raised Repair and Stealth
35 Raised Agility
40 Rasied Stealth and Notice
45 Major edge: Mass Hack


Archie got his internship at Shinobi Enterprises and was an up and comer in the organization.
His innovative style and prolific problem solving set the ground work for programs and hardware alike. Heard of the Hyper glove, the pre-predecessor was his HeRMAN (Hyper Reality Manipulation augmentation nodule), Psychotropic ICE he was taking to a level of subversion that would cause the hacker a compulsion to contact a certain OOP when an illegal action was performed and brag about it (to then be arrested), he called it PC (Priest’s Confession).
He knew after business analysis and market watching that defensive/offensive software was on a bubble and used the money he made and invested in longer term stable investments while making as much money as he could on the bubble. There were unexpected collateral damage when the bubble popped.
Just prior to the crash his wife left him for the the director of another program team. She had heard the rumors from him that Archie was about to go down.
His department was shut down (expected) and his team was blamed for the failure and black listed from acquiring positions within the company or its affiliates. His best friend, who had everything tied up in company stocks that tanked under the bubble committed suicide leaving a note in a secured server for Archie to find. In this the best friend admitted he knew of Archie’s wife’s infidelity and that he had a short affair with her as well. He had lost everything so had sold some secrets to a rival organization, so the truth was, his team was in part to blame. Archie had lost the woman he loved, his best friend, his job and had felt betrayed by all of them. Archie spiraled from depression to melancholy to catatonia.
He stayed in a catatonic state for nearly 2 months until he snapped himself out of it. He realized he had been manipulated by the establishment in its forms of institutionalized marriage, corporate culture, government oversight, religion, society, people. Trust no one and no one can hurt you.
He drifted for a few months, living homeless for a time (even though he still had an apartment in the city he was not willing to face those demons. He made some friends on the lower side and even though he didn’t trust them it was much clearer on this end, strip away the edicts of high culture and you still got the seediness, the greed, the insecurities…they just weren’t as easy to hide in a myriad of social edicts, rules and establishment.
He returned to his apartment and boxed up All of his possessions. Anything with a memory associated with his wife, best friend or work he packed up, took to a firing range, and dealt with his feelings in a positive and carthartic expression of chaos, violence and symbolized reciprocity.
Here, Archie died and Bishop was born.
He returned to his apartment, no bare, and looked at it, like his life. Bare, empty, needing purpose. As life would give him a reason to live, he would give purpose to his apartment.
He furnished it. Spartan, practical. But the rooms…the rooms had no purpose, they were just space holders for things that take up space. Items that had no meaning. He sold everything again and decided, like his life, his mind, his heart he would fill each room as it was needed.
His bedroom holds a mattress, a light, 2 pillows. His living room a single chair.
Now he must find purpose for these and fill these rooms with meaning.
After many false starts, failures, weak attempts he came across a group of roguish wealthy men. These were not criminals, these were men that had enough money that morals were useless, ethics were guidelines and laws ineffective vs credits. He was not near to the level of money these men had but he believed that if old vampires existed this is what they would be like. Lost souls in boredom trying to find something interesting that money or power could not buy them or buy them out of.
It was here that he first came across Kensi. To this day he doesn’t know why, but he knew she would give meaning to his apartment. Not as a object in a menagerie but as a heart in the body of the apartment. He challenged Alesandrio to a bet, the details of it were elaborate, riddle like and spanning months. So detailed that Bishop could not even tell you today what that bet had been but in the end he won (or did he lose?) and Kensi was delivered to his apartment as his “property”. He never, even before this, considered her property and given time he would convince her of this as well. In her freedom his apartment would have a heart and where there is a heart there must be a soul…right?
He calls her сердце [SYEHR-tseh] which is Russian for heart, though her name is Kensi. She is more like a nun or a recompense than what she had been used for by others

Archibald Bishop

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