Mars Gamma

Ag d8 Sm d4 (A) Sp d6 St d10 Vi d10
Char NA Pace 10 Parry 6 Tough 9 (2)

Skills: Fighting d8, Athletics d8, Notice d8, Stealth d8

Edges: Adaptable, Tough Skin (Armor +2), Echolocation, Jumper (x3), Claws/Bite (St + d6), Teleportation???
Hindrances: Sound Sensitivity
Gear: Weird cybernetic pack mounted on back of head and top of spine anchored into ears as well


With a powerful leap, it hits the floor, its ragged black talons scraping across the ground. Built like some awful cross of man and alien kangaroo, it bares its sharp teeth with a hiss. A ruddy coat of fine, dirty fur seems to cover the beast from the top of its head down its body, all the way to the tip of its powerful tail. Perhaps most disturbing is the creature’s face, a hideous mockery of a human’s. Sickly sulphurous eyes narrow as a forked tongue flits out of its mouth to lick its lips. It’s clear you’re on the menu.

The problem is, it’s not this one you have to worry about. The others have snuck around while you were distracted, and you can hear their hisses in the shadows.

The things are pack hunters.


Mars Gamma

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